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Own a Share of the Masterpiece

Year-round of unfettered access to golf on our Tom Fazio-designed Mountain Masterpiece

Want to Experience Champion Hills?

“If you want it all, this is where you come.”

Joining a private club is a big commitment, both financially and socially. That is why Champion Hills is offering a robust “trial” membership that will afford prospective members a full year at Champion Hills - they call it, The Annual Explorer.

The Annual Explorer

The Annual Explorer Membership is a perfect fit for those already living within the Champion Hills community or who reside locally within easy driving distance of the club. This proximity enables them to easily access the club and get the most out of their one-year experience. For many Annual Explorer Members, deciding doesn’t take long.

“The one-year period gives them a chance to figure out the real numbers, like how many rounds of golf they’ll play, how much they’ll spend on food and beverage, and the monthly dues as part of their household budget.” -Heather Myers, longtime Director of Membership and Marketing

To learn more about year-round membership at Champion Hills, download our membership guide. 


Download Our Golf membership guide